NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Kit: DIY Engineering at Its Finest


Build, Learn, and Explore with Your Own Mars Rover Model!

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Get ready to explore the Red Planet with the NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Kit! This DIY kit lets you build a detailed model of the famous Mars rover, offering an engaging and educational experience. Perfect for space enthusiasts and aspiring engineers, this kit not only provides hours of fun but also a deeper understanding of the engineering marvels that explore our solar system. Dive into the world of space exploration and robotics with this hands-on project.


Geeek Club is excited to bring you the NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Kit. We believe in making science fun and accessible, and this kit is a testament to that. It’s more than just a model; it’s a gateway to learning about space, robotics, and engineering. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a student, this kit promises an enriching experience that brings the wonders of space exploration right to your fingertips.


  1. What is included in the NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Kit? The kit includes all the components needed to build a detailed model of the Mars rover, along with easy-to-follow instructions. It’s designed for a fulfilling and educational building experience.
  2. Is the kit suitable for beginners? Yes, the NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Kit is designed to be accessible for beginners while still offering a challenge to more experienced builders. It’s a great way to learn about robotics and space exploration.
  3. How can I get my own Mars Rover Kit? Support our Kickstarter campaign and choose your pledge level. Once the campaign is successful, we’ll ship your kit, and you can start your journey into space engineering and exploration!


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