Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Coffee Brewer – Where Technology Meets Tradition


A Symphony of Flavors, A Dance of Aromas – Welcome to the Future of Coffee Brewing!

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The Hiroia Hikaru V60 isn’t just a coffee brewer; it’s a celebration of flavor, a dance of aromas, and a journey to the perfect cup of coffee. Powered by Hario, this smart coffee brewer marries tradition with technology, offering precision, control, and consistency. Every brew is a masterpiece, every sip, a sonnet of flavors. Welcome to a world where the art of coffee brewing is at your fingertips.


Hiroia combines the timeless art of coffee brewing with cutting-edge technology to introduce the Hikaru V60. It’s a canvas where technology paints perfection, offering precision temperature and flow rate control, ensuring that every brew is a masterpiece, and every flavor note is a testament to unmatched quality.


  1. What makes Hiroia Hikaru V60 unique?
    Hikaru V60 is a blend of iconic design and smart technology. Powered by Hario, it offers precision control, ensuring that every brew accentuates the rich flavors and aromatic excellence of your coffee.
  2. Is it user-friendly?
    Absolutely! Hiroia Hikaru V60 is designed for both novices and connoisseurs. With its intuitive interface and smart features, every coffee lover can brew perfection with ease.
  3. How can I get my Hiroia Hikaru V60?
    Join the coffee revolution on Kickstarter! Be among the first to experience the future of coffee brewing. Pre-order now and embark on a journey where technology meets tradition, and flavor knows no bounds.


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